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Peru Holidays


The wealth and abundance of the lost Inca civilisations and mysterious natural landscapes await travellers to Peru – from vast ancient ruins to the lush, wild kingdom of the Amazon Basin. Inbetween these ancient and natural attractions lays a map dotted with resurgent cities, indigenous villages and absolutely delicious cuisine. All stitched together as provocatively as the intricate local Peruvian weavings; themselves made from some of the world’s finest Peru-grown cottons.

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Peru – A quick view

Time difference: UTC -5 hours
Flight time: Approx 12 hours
Visa Required: On arrival for British passport holders
Currency: Nuevo sol (PEN)
Tel Code: +51
Population: 31.1 million appx
Official Language: Spanish
Recommended Airlines: British Airways, Iberia, KLM, Air France.
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Itinerary Ideas

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Travellers have flocked to Peru for generations to see the stunning Machu Picchu with their own eyes – an incredible 15th century Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains and looking over the gorgeous Urubamba River valley. The panoramic views here are perhaps some of the most inspiring in the world – especially at sunrise or sunset, but Machu Pichu’s greatest features are the (huge) fused block walls that were built without the use of mortar, and the series of buildings that were built to show and take advantage of astronomical alignments. A good alternative to Machu Picchu, or addition if you prefer, is the mysterious lost city of Choquequirao (or Cradle of Gold), which as one of the most remote Inca settlements in the Andes, requires a slightly longer hike through stunning forested mountains and striking open country.

60KM south of Cusco, deep in the Sacred Valley is another important Inca settlement (and small town) called Ollantaytambo. Both the town and ruins are fantastic examples of typical Incan town planning – and while the town has a few modern amenities, it is, at its core, a maze of cobbled pathways and small antiquated streets dotted with weavers selling their wares, while the ruins of Ollantaytambo are as deeply mysterious and as beautiful as Machu Pichu, but not yet quite as well known. Also in the Sacred Valley is the town and Incan ruins of Písac that are perched on the Willkanuta River. There are a series of footpaths that tour the town, the ancient Incan structures and the Qalla Q’asa Citadel, which offers stunning views over the river and the rest of the region. Don’t miss the Terraces here, which one can follow on the trail from the town to the ruins. They curve around the hills and run far into the distant mountains and are absolutely breathtaking.

Walkers should take the time to hike to The Colca Canyon, which as well as being the world’s second deepest canyon at 3,400m, is also an absolutely astonishing place to explore. The canyon runs deep through the High Andes and is overrun with natural and wild sights – from the Calera hot springs, the narrow Colca River and picturesque hiking trails to ancient terraced fields and graceful Andean condors soaring high overhead. The cultural side of the area is hugely important too, with traditional villages and settlements dotted along the trails and the river. If you’d like to experience a more laid-back view of life in Colca, then take a trip to picturesque Madrigal at the very end of the trail to the north of the canyon, where it’s easy to simply sit back and watch daily life unfold. It’s also possible to take day trips to the source of the Amazon River, as well as a small collection of archaeological sites. However, the best way to see the Amazon is to visit Peru’s Amazon Basin. The basin is vast, beautiful and otherworldly – so impenetrable for so long that its indigenous communities and diverse wildlife have almost entirely managed to keep from coming into the view of international travellers. This is the best place on earth to see wildlife, from distinct and varied flora to incredible untamed fauna.

Points to ponder

Despite use of chilli peppers Peruvian cuisine is only slightly spicy. Its characterized by heavy use of country’s four staple ingredients: corn, potatoes, quinoa and legumes. When you are in peru, try Rocoto relleno – A signature dish of the Andes, Arequipa, Suspiro a la Limena, a Spanish influenced dessert. Click here to read more about the Peruvian cusine put together by our Destination experts.

Bargaining is widely accepted in Peru markets, Taxi rides are best to highlight. Our experts share with you more on Peru – Etiquette and travel tips.


 Machu Picchu
 Lake Titicaca
 The Sacred Valley
 Uros Islands
 Lima’s Plaza de Armas
 Colca Canyon
 Sacsayhuaman ruins Cusco
 Moraya Peru


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