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Jordanian Etiquette


While Jordan is a relatively liberal society, it’s best to remain modest and vigilant. Don’t expect the religious policing of places such as Saudi Arabia or Dubai, but equally, do expect immodest dress and public displays of affection to cause at least a little upset. With that in mind it’s best to er on the side of caution, so dress modestly, covering as much skin as possible and remain conservative in public. Shorts are frowned upon so simply wear trousers if you’d like to avoid unwanted attention. And unfortunate as it may be, this goes doubly for women who should try to cover up, with loose fitting, opaque clothes as much as possible.

Greetings in Jordan are often accentuated by lengthy hand shakes, even for the most mundane of enquiries and remember that hands, like in most of the Arab world are divided between the left for unclean actions and the right for eating, passing food and greetings. Equally getting angry in public is frowned upon, so if there is a dispute, try to solve it democratically. During Ramadan, Jordanian Muslims will be fasting, so if you’re visiting then, remember to avoid eating in public and never offer a Muslim alcohol.

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